Who are we ?

We are a team of educators who are interacting with IIT and IIM students. Many of us teach in schools, universities and top most coaching institutes, some are young and some are having 20 years of experience of teaching IIT and CAT aspirants. We often discuss what is required? Why some students lack and suffer? What makes student successful? Why all students have different level of achievements? What is actually required for making study easy? Why students are day by day declining towards parents and social and moral values? etc. One day one of them asked us now what we are doing? just discussion? can’t we groom our own children properly? why we are helpless? Now after that we stopped discussing and we planned to do something concrete for our children, then we gathered data over 8527 students who are in the process of their career building and 4042 students who had already made their careers by going through different competitive exams. We cannot share that confidential data but we are really very surprised to see that even the most intelligent students are showing a very less faith in our moral values, students are preferring to mug up things and try to find a ready-made solutions of problems in the form of tuitions and solution books. They don’t want to exert themselves in creating and thinking new solutions. Students are showing very less faith in parental guidance, religion and even on schools. 93.6% students don’t want that their parents should interfere in their decisions, 95.4% students don’t want that their parents should guide them what is good or what is bad for them. Most surprisingly 92% students accepted that they are only listening to parents because they are dependent.  93% students said they have conflict between contemporary social values of their parents.

Actually we all are responsible for that,

Access to gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops, and with better connectivity, the new generation has access to every possible form of data. What they still don’t know is how to get it right, we should tell them how to command these things ? and we all know they learned to use these devices by themselves i.e had we ever tried to tell them – how to use these devices? and Why we are using these devices?

Now With all latest developments of our knowledge of human behaviour, power of science/technology which can help us to groom an intellectual and combining with our experiences to teach a student who is taking package of more than 1 crore and analysing what went wrong with a student who although worked very hard but failed to get selected in IIT or IIM, we created this program of SochoZara.