SochoZara’s Main Aim ?

If peak performance is your goal, then Socho zara program will help you achieve it.

Through individual coaching, neurons feedback and biofeedback techniques, mental fitness exercises, and consistent support and guidance of our program provide your child an extra edge over other children. We train them “How to think” and “what is actual thinking” regarding different aspects of life.



How often are you about to say something when it just slips your mind? Or as you look at a book, have you found yourself reading the same line over and over again as your mind wanders onto something else? There are a lot of reasons that your brain may be functioning at less than its peak performance at any one time- fatigue or a lack of sleep, dehydration, too much alcohol or even a lack of aim or consequences. But keeping your brain sharp over time requires a balance between all these along with power to analyse.

Socho zara program methodology concentrates first on the student’s skills required to study properly, then on the skills and knowledge s/he needs to acquire. Traditional education tends to value a limited range of knowledge and skills but more recent research suggests that intelligence is not unitary but multiple. Socho zara program aims to give students a broader, deeper, richer educational experience from the same school by recognising each student’s strongest talents and building on them in order to ensure that all the areas of talent are developed.

After discussing with so many teachers of well known coaching institutes in the feild of IIT-JEE and CAT almost all of them told us that 95% students don’t know how to study in groups i.e in traditional class like environment.

Research suggests that many of us remember: 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 70% of what we discuss with others 80% of what we experience by doing

performance expertise by mobilizing the factors that improve human attitude, behaviour and performance. We use an effective combination of quantitative and qualitative power tools for human performance. In SochoZara program, we use neuroscience and technology with both cognitive and emotional processing as related to performance enhancement.

Through a one-on-one coaching process our advisors determine the most efficient and effective structure to surpass the daily routine challenges to gain clarity, intuition, strategic thinking and balance.

We are uniquely positioned to embark you on a new journey of success and self fulfilment. You children have many unexplored potentials which can be reached with the help of one of our behavioural scientist to achieve your highest level of performance. We coach you to have the clarity, focus, creativity and confidence for your optimal performance as an executive.