Q factors

Our personality is the combination of different traits some of these can be groomed properly for a successful and strong life, but many of them we had already acquired and accepted during our childhood, here we are disclosing some of them

AQ       Adversity Quotient

BQ       Business Quotient

CQ       Creativity Quoitient

DQ       Daring Quotient

EQ       Emotional Quotient

FQ       Financial Quotient

GQ      Gender Quotient

HQ      Health and Humanity Quotient

IQ        Intelligence Quotient

JQ      Jealousy quotient

KQ      Knowledge quotient

LQ       Loyality and Linguistic   quotient

MQ      Moral Quotient

NQ      Net Quotient

OQ      Output & Orientation Quotient

PQ      Physical  & Power  & Practical  Quotient  

RQ      Relation & Religion Quotient

QQ      Questioning Quotient

SQ      Spiritual Quotient

SnQ    Social Networking Quotient

TQ      Trust Quotient & Testing Quotient

UQ      Understanding Quotient

VQ      Vacation Quotient

WQ     Wealth Quotient