How are we different ?

How Our Program is Different from other Personality Development Programs

“We don’t Develop Personality but Sow Seed & Cultivate Thought Process”

Former is a quality and later is how to control that quality.

  The difference is like Manager and Mentors,

Its like intelligent and intellectual

We emphasize more on thought process for Academics and then for real life. If students apply those technique in class he will definitely learn more. i.e maximum learning by least efforts. We make all subjects easier for students. We use films, stories, tv shows, games and subjects such as normal physics, chemistry, mathematics, accounts and economics to tell students how to think? And how our subjects help us in life and vice versa. We cultivate different traits of personality by using entertainment aids such as films, tv serials, books and involving them in the process, students and parents will be given/recommended material which they can enjoy with each other. Students are made to interact with people, who are doing their best in different dimensions of life so that they not only enjoy but also get motivation and try to set their goal in life.

In other Personality Development Programs traits are taught but in our way these are cultivated therefore a natural growth without boundary can be assured. We least focus on teaching, we basically tell real stories and bring real people to tell their true stories. We use a new concept by which students are given different stories and they have to think by themselves. We train them to access and test knowledge of other thereby they learn what should not be actually required and what actually is required.

How It helps ?

We tell what is actual thinking? do you think you know then please try to define it……We are sure now you will realise it’s not simple and therefore really difiicult to teach, and we are master in that field.


  1. What is logical thinking?
  2. How we should use it?
  3. How we can improve our efficiency?
  4. How we should read?
  5. How to hear and analyze?
  6. And we equip our each student with these concepts.
  7. Moral values and Fighting Spirits
  8. We cultivate fighting spirits in students using audio -videos.
  9. In this we tell what the difference between failure and success is?
  10. How to get success in life?
  11. What are the things which are required in our character to make us really happy and successful?
  12. Business skills and money matters
  13. In this we cultivate why money is required?
  14. How to waste it and how to use it wisely?
  15. How money can be a boon and how it become curse/
  16. What is required with money to make us successful?
  17. How in different conditions money can be earned?
  18. Should we save it or use it or waste it?
  19. How It can effect character?
  20. Different Quotients required in life
  21. How we can increase these Q,s
  22. In which condition we should react in what ways?
  23. What other observes in us?
  24. How to handle relations and which relations should be given priority and how and why?
  25. How to make friends, friends for ever, and how to make wise decisions under different circumstances.
  26. Develop Business
  27. This is in the last phase of program and only those who want can go further.
  28. In this we tell about business laws?
  29. How to start a business, what things are required?
  30. How an Idea can give you great achievement?
We help our students to start building platforms for their future businesses. And if they desire we help them to start it.